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A Walk among the Tombstones:

A review by Mr. J (@Dear_Ole_UncleJ)

What brought on this review was the recent hype of the 3rd installment into the Taken franchise. However this film it appears it will break with a 28 million dollar budget unlike other Liam Neeson Films that have come out prior. The film Casts Liam Neeson as the main character, Matt Scudder a retired police officer and now unlicensed private investigator. Everyone else in this film, appears to be unknown actors which I have never heard of anyways.

Base off of a popular novel, the story starts in 1991 Manhattan, Matthew Scudder, was an off-duty NYPD officer, is unexpectedly caught up in an armed robbery at a bar where officers drink for free. Scudder guns down the would-be thieves, however one of his bullets inadvertently strikes a seven year old girl, killing her instantly. Shaken from the experience, Scudder quits the force, and spends the next eight years in AA while working as a an unlicensed private eye.

One night, after an AA meeting, Scudder is approached by a man named Kenny seeking to employ the him to locate his wife's killer. Kenny explains that his wife was abducted for a ransom, the kidnappers killed his wife after he paid the $400,000 ransom, cutting her up in small pieces into bags used to separate kilos of cocaine. Reluctantly, Matt accepts the job. At a local library, Scudder meets a homeless kid named TJ, who helps Scudder by locating information on the net concerning similar cases to Kenny's.

Scudder eventually traces the kidnappers' MO, and meets a cemetery groundsman who discovered one of the victim's remains while fishing trash bags out of a pond. After trailing the groundsman back to his house Scudder learns that he was an accomplice for one of the murders and this goes into an even more deeper, twisted path than he thought.

Matt realizes that these killers are targeting Drug traffickers specifically to extort and then murder their kidnap victims after they get paid. Also it is believed they are rogue DEA agents.

Lets be honest, this may be a fresh storyline because I have no recollection of when Serial killers tracked down Drug Traffickers just because. Ya sure, its because it is an easy mark that guaranteed a payout. But to have multiple deaths like this. Well played. I stand and clap and salute you.

The overall actor was subpar at best, this obviously does not include Liam Neeson. It was made evident that it was a low budget film but it had a good shock value and with Liam’s name attached to it, lets be honest, almost anyone/everyone will see it. I also learned from this film that Liam should be in Doc Holiday. As stated earlier, the movie opens 7 years earlier and he looks like a very young ruthless Doc Holiday. Would be interesting to see, as I was a huge fan of Van Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone. See the correlation?

The films ending did keep you at the edge of your seat and is worth the illegal download or even cheap night at the theatre. But I would not pay full price in the theatre or on blu ray. There was a few point that they pushed for more character developing between Matt and TJ but it fell short. I think this was a good Liam Neeson film but not something I would rant and rave about it. Clearly not Taken 3. Soon.

In the meantime I am inclined to agree with Rotten Tomatoes and others. 6/10 overall.

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