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I think it's in our human nature that we like having heroes. We like having stories that tell us the adventures of people who are disposed to risk their own life in order to save the innocent ones and, in some cases, to get justice where it is very hard to reach. But I also think it's just impossible to have heroes without villains. It's a strange and sick symbiosis that allows good and evil to establish an eternal struggle.

This relationship between what is right and what is wrong has been inspiration to the many arts, but has been especially exploded by cinema, and in more recent years, by TV series. We have witnessed the insanity of great characters that provide us the pure essence of evil, and what it means to be the villain on our big screens. And I can only say that it ain't easy for an actor to portray a really, really good bad guy.

TV shows allow a much more extended plot. More than the "short" lenghth a movie usually has. So, in time, there have been evil minds making life impossible for some of our favorite TV heroes.

So, thinking about the most recent years, which one has been the most hated one? Here are my nominees!

Benjamin Linus

Who got the role?: Michael Emerson

Where did I see him?: Lost (Seasons 2 to 6)

Why is he here?: A lot of people saw, at least, the first two seasons of this great show, but for some reasons I still don't understand the third season was the breaking point where all the normal audiences lost the interest in this series and only the true fans stayed loyal until the very end of the epic story. Benjamin Linus was maybe one of the first answers the producers Cuse and Lindelof gave to the fans. By season two, there were already lots of theories about the Island and its origins, so it was very exciting to have a character that seemed to be living on the island long before the Oceanic 815 crash. Linus was pure evil, a disgusting person in all senses. He was a total rat that always had the perfect information to save his own life and always be useful to the future of the other characters.

We have seen a lot of movies, and I hate those cases where the villain was not truly evil, but only a misunderstood guy who just needed professional help. This is not the case of Ben. He was a very shitty person the whole entire time. He was able to be beaten over and over again and keep his mouth shut until finding the perfect way to escape the situation. Benjamin Linus was a winner and a despicable villain.

The Governor

Who got the role?: David Morrissey

Where did I see him?: The Walking Dead (Seasons 3 to 4)

Why is he here?: Back to the days when Morrissey was announced to play the iconic villain in The Walking Dead Universe, we all complained about the casting. He had no physical relationship with the look of the character in the comics. I even remember some fans claiming Danny Trejo to get the role. However, with time, we found Morrissey was almost the perfect choice to take the villain adaptation to our TV sets. Phillip Blake was now more attractive, but equally dangerous and a bit more insane, also insanely charming.

In addition, The Governor had this style I really love. I mean, you can't show up in a Halloween party sayin' you are Benjamin Linus, but a black jacket and an eye patch will always remind you of that sincerely crazy man who was fully capable of killing an old man in front of his daughters just to prove he will do anything to get what he wants. He never gives up, he never surrenders. He always has the last word in everything.

A horrible leader I would like to follow.

Jim Moriarty

Who got the role?: Andrew Scott

Where did I see him?: Sherlock (Seasons 1 to 3)

Why is he here?: I believe Moriarty is to Sherlock what Joker is to Batman, the iconic and classic villain that will always endure what the hero does, they're just inseparable. Together, both Moriarty and Holmes, have shown that the ultimate adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing belongs on television. That is not easy to take to the big screen because it's so complex. Although Jared Jarris did a fine job bringing Moriarty to life on the big screen, I have to say that is nothing compared to the excellent performance by Andrew Scott in BBC's Sherlock.

I'm not going to enter in the debate of preferences between Downey's or Cuberbatch's personification of Holmes, I'll just say that this is one of my favorite villains of all TV history... and it's just quite exciting that he is not dead, as the finale of season 2 made us think.

Gus Fring

Who got the role?: Giancarlo Esposito

Where did I see him?: Breaking Bad (Seasons 2 to 4)

Why is he here?: In a TV show where the main role was for a man who became a villain over six seasons, it's hard to think that there was someone even more evil than Walter White. Yep, that someone was Gus Fring and he may be one of the most hated and feared characters in all of TV history.

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, I don't have to explain you why this man is on my list. He truly believed in Maquiavelo's principles, he was determined to achieve his objectives despite any kind of circumstances. Awlays a step ahead of you... this man was -almost- unbeatable.

You must remember [Better Call Saul](series:1028213) (February 2015) will take place before, during and after the storyline of Breaking Bad, so we can't discard a special appearance of the legendary Lord of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Grant Ward

Who got the role?: Brett Dalton

Where did I see him?: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Seasons 1 to 2)

Why is he here?: Agents is a TV show that took it's time to become a strong and interesting story that didn't need superheroes to be attractive, but finally after eight or nine episodes Agents is now an entertaining show that is worth your time if you're a Marvel fan. I really enjoy it! Not just because of the action and the jokes, it also has the element of surprise. Just when you are thinking about how the episode is going to end, there's a final twist that leaves you very excited.

One of those intelligent cliffhangers was precisely Agent Ward, who was one of the most valuable elements in Coulson's team during the whole season, just to find he was a H.Y.D.R.A spy all of this time. He may not represent a huge threat like the other names in the list, but he has earned a place here thanks to his surprising ability to remain undercover, betraying lots of people who trusted him, and successfully infiltrating one of the most important teams of intelligence on the planet.

It will be interesting how the Marvel people will handle this character in the new season, and I am hoping the rest of the team gets a brief cameo in a future movie of the cinematic universe.


Who do you fear the most?


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