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Two newer clips have been released by Fox for this week's Gotham,
"The Balloonman," nicely alongside Arrow's new clip featuring the new Count Vertigo, earlier as well. I'm a couple of days late on this, sorry, I had it in a draft and forgot about it. All the same, the videos are good fun.

Here we see Oswald Cobblepot interact with Sal Maroni for the first time. Maroni is the big crime boss who will eventually grow to be one of the biggest in Gotham, and will be responsible for the disfigurement of Harvey Dent, creating Two Face, one of the Penguin's great rivals. It'll be another great rivalry to see develop when they seem to start out friendly, as seen below. It's nice Maroni is actually being portrayed as Italian, and, what's more, the fact that --despite his obvious villainy-- he seems quite likable, which should set him up to be a great character.

Next up, Selina Kyle meets with Gordon at the site of the Wayne murder to discuss the killer. For all those from last week who said "my god this show is so stupid she didn't even see the killer," why, yes - she was lying. And the show gets on to address that right away. Better find something else to complain about. Gordon and Selina seem to have a great dynamic, and I'm very happy they're exploring Selina's corrupt morals and villainy --like with last week's clawed eyes scene-- because she is not really a hero as explicitly as she's often made out to be.

If you need to get up to speed with what's going on this week, watch the trailer here.


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