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SHAZAM! Gosh, it's awesome to say that. Anyway, welcome to the 19th CRAVE article: The Shazam Characters we CRAVE! Now most of my CRAVE articles are based on the villains we CRAVE, but this one is focused on heroes and villains we CRAVE for a Shazam movie. And just a heads up, Black Adam is not on this list due to the fact he is pretty much confirmed to be in the Shazam movie (played by The Rock), but that is good news because we get to see Black Adam for sure! Enough talking, lets get our Shazam on!

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Doctor Sivana

Doctor Sivana
Doctor Sivana

That pesky Big Red Cheese. Doctor Sivana is like Batman's Joker, always making dangerous inventions, playing games and just making Shazam's life hell. The second arch-enemy to Shazam, he is the most obvious choice to be included in the movie. Since he is in most [Shazam](movie:738107) (or Captain Marvel what ever you prefer) comic stories, just why would you not put him in a Shazam movie. Include him with Black Adam and recreate the New 52 story and you'll be set to go. Not only he is an obvious choice, he is the right choice. He is crazy, smart, bald and pure evil, which who doesn't like that!

A person in the comments in my last post suggested that I include what actor I would like to play that character I talked about, so that's a brand new part to the CRAVE series. So, if they really want to bring Doctor Sivana to life they'll need a great actor that can do a creepy feel, and can really amp up this character so non Shazam fans can like him. Only one man in my mind can do this, one of my favorite actors of all time:

Jackie Earl Haley

You can't argue with that!

Tawky Tawny

Tawny vs Black Adam
Tawny vs Black Adam

Originally Talky Tawny was a real tiger who became somewhat domesticated after a gifted recluse befriended him in Africa. Talky was fed a serum which gave him the ability to speak.

In modern appearances Talky Tawny was just a stuffed tiger doll until magic from Lord Satanus turned him into a real tiger to assit the Marvel Family in their battle against Satanus' sister Blaze. When the tiger grown to full size, he was accused of murder. To prove his innocence, the village hermit gave the tiger a serum that gave him the ability to speak, walk and think on a human level. Years later, after hearing a great deal of the city from the hermit, Mr. Tawny decided to travel to America and live there. He sneaks onto a boat and travels to Fawcett City, home of Captain Marvel. At first, Tawky thought he could simply fit in with other humans, but he caused panic and got into trouble with the Big Red Cheese himself. Captain Marvel manages to get Mr. Tawny a JOB at the city's museum as curator, a position which enables him to supply information of the animals of the jungle.

So the above description is the old classical Tawky Tawny when he is a cute and comical character. But, the above picture is when he a hulking tiger with the powers of Shazam in him! Obviously he wouldn't be a major character in the movie, but if they added him in their just for even a scene fighting Black Adam, it would be incredible. I guess I wouldn't really mind if they did the whole talking tiger thing, but it would be a better move to do the New 52 style Tawky!

Well, to play Tawky should be a......tiger I guess or CGI. Don't have any opinion on this choice.

Johnny Sorrow

Johnny Sorrow used to be a silent movie actor who was fired when non-silent films became popular. When still human, he used a subspace prototype to gain intangibility powers and commit crimes. After a short career, his subspace prototype was damaged by Sandy the Golden boy (later Sand), and he was thrown into the dimension between dimensions, the Subtle Realms. However, he was saved and transformed by the demonic entity, the King of Tears, who drafted him as his servant and sent him back to Earth. Upon returning, he found that his face has been so horribly disfigured that anyone who saw him died. He used this in addition to his now inborn intangibility powers to continue his life of crime. Powers include when he reveals his face, anyone who sees it dies, teleportation and intangibility.

Some may argue he isn't a full on Shazam villain, but I think he should be in a Shazam movie. He has some great stories including one where the wizard Shazam sees Johnny's face and turns to stone. Now that story would make for a great sequel, more likely a third movie, but still a great movie. He is really a sweet looking villain and just a recipe for disaster which we all love!

To play Johnny Sorrow would have to be Hugo Weavings. I know he is used a lot in franchises, but I think if Hugo provided the voice for Johnny, it would make the character 10 times better!

Do you agree with me? Do I anger you with my choices? DO YOU JUST LOVE TO SHOUT SHAZAM? Well tell me in the comments, take those polls and follow me for more CRAVE articles!

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