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I hate CGI... as a independent filmmaker and lover of all things horror, it offends me at my core. Unlike the two fellows above, I appreciate the craft and the time that it takes to take a few dozen rolls of paper towels, utility buckets, gallons of latex mixed with copious amounts of corn syrup and food coloring to churn out glorious strands of glistening and stretching intestines and ligaments.

Granted, these clips are from my latest film, but that is exactly the point. Many of my fellow horror fiends love nothing more than the sheer joy and realism of the practical effect. Argento, Craven, Carpenter, Fulci, Bava, the list goes on. When I think about the scene in Fulci's Zombie, and if you haven't seen it I do not apologize for the spoiler, when the split piece of door slowly edges towards the woman and then WAMMM, slams into her face; and compare it to any of the cinematic abortions that are perpetrated today, I feel a need to scrub off with rusty steel wool, cleanse off in bleach, roll around in glass and watch the original Halloween.

There is a reason that many of the horror films we all cherish are considered classics, because they are. The skill and creativity needed to perfectly frame a shot in order to not blow hours of set-up for an effect is key. The awesome sight of ones favorite actor and actress, before the climax of the film, covered in blood wielding a chainsaw against an unknown assailant, the exhilaration of someones head being crushed. Fantastic.....

Are we sick? Hell yes we are, but we are appreciators of the highest art: jumps, screams, arm grabs and uncomfortable laughter. That is to me, dear reader, why Horror is one of the most influential of all of the performing and cinematic genres, because at the end of the day, we all appreciate skill, hard work and brains on the pavement. That is why, without a doubt, the savior of film is the guy working on a $20,000 budget, making others cringe with household objects, and not the guy leasing out to to the guy on the left.

I leave you with one last bit of gore for your Monday morning. Next Post....Top Five Heroines of Cult Classics.


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