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A lot can happen in five months and The Vampire Diaries premiere proved just that! Our favorite (mainly former) Mystic Falls residents are all living in absolute turmoil, and none of them are coping at all.

In the meantime, the lucky dead folks get to chill out and eat pancakes. Who knew Bonnie and Damon would be better off!

So, let's all do our revision and recap on the much awaited season 6 premiere!

Border Patrol

Just when you thought that Sheriff Forbes was spending her nights forlornly busting the world's lamest under age drinkers, BOOM, the blood starts flowing...

Girl, those flowing locks look familiar!

Anyone who has even casually watched the show will know that this silhouette has Elena written all over it...


The Look of Lust

I have a feeling we won't be forgetting new guy Liam any time soon. And, he doesn't seem like a total asshole. Bonus!


Elena's Alter of Anguish

We were already all psyched up for Elena's witchy drug use, but this Trainspotting level of junkiedom is something else.

Elena's supposedly calm demeanour is simply a lid on the bubbling cauldron of grief and madness that lies beneath and she is totally reliant on the hallucinogenic drugs she get's from Luke in her day-to-day survival.

When Luke tries to send Elena's emotionally unstable ass to rehab, she reacts like Lilo when someone tried to nab her Aderral. It's not pretty.

But, it's all worth it for THIS!

That is, until Elena realizes that the Damon she has summoned is just a poor imitation barfed up by her own subconscious.

After some words of wisdom from Caroline and Stefan, Elena tries to sort her life out.

Alas, even a flimsy hallucination of Damon is difficult to deal with and the mirage of our favorite vampire hunk starts hurling candles around with jealousy when he hears Elena has been speaking to Stefan.

After saying her goodbyes to hallicinogen induced Damon, Elena demands that Alaric compel her to forget her lost love forever.

It's emotional, but not as emotional as you want it to be. Perhaps because we all know this isn't the real Damon...


Caroline Clings On

Caroline just can't let go of her beloved Mystic Falls, in fact, she's so infatuated that she has voluntarily spent the entire summer with her mother on the borders of town after dropping out of Whitmore.

Caroline is relying on Alaric's expertise as a professor of the occult to reverse the Traveler spell over Mystic Falls, but she isn't just focused on herself.

While Elena, Jeremy, and Stefan all seem 100 percent self-obsessed in the aftermath of their personal tragedies, Caroline continues to reach out to her friends.

Oh, and she hasn't given up on Stefan even though he is ignoring her calls. Take heart good ship Steroline!


Stefan Goes AWOL

Stefan might have gone on a quest to learn how to bring back Damon, but he soon forgot about that idea.

Instead he's a masquerading as a mechanic and all shacked up with a foxy new girlfriend named Ivy. Is it just me or does this girl seems too naive and uncomplicated to last long in this show? I give her five episodes.


Tyler is Drunk in Lust

We already had a hint that Tyler would be getting his flirt on with Liv, and this episode delivered plenty of tension between the two of them... But it's nothing compared to the tension between Tyler and her twin brother, Luke.

When Tyler finds out Luke has been supplying Elena with hallucinogenic drugs, he throttles him and returns to pure season one douchery in the name of friendship.

It seems that Tyler’s raging werewolf gene will be a theme throughout the season, so all bets are on who he’ll end up killing to make himself supernatural again.


Jeremy Is Slobbing Out and Matt Is So Hard Not into it

Jeremy is spending his days playing video games and chugging six packs, like 98 percent of college students... Except there's no school part either.

On the other hand, Matt is thriving in a supernatural free town and spending his free time training with Tripp to protect Mystic Falls from... Well, I guess we'll find out later!

Needless to say, this pair aren't seeing eye to eye.


There Are Pancakes in Heaven!

And Damon. Don't forget Damon!

The mysterious place beyond The Other Side doesn't seem as mysterious as I initially imagined... Ah well, at least there's whipped cream.


What did you guys think of the season 6 premiere?


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