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Think you know EVERYTHING about Frozen? You might want to think again.

From how "Let It Go" changed Elsa, to each of the movie's individual snowflakes, I bet you didn't know all of these facts about Disney's Frozen. So, don't be left out in the cold - dive straight into these 9 facts about Elsa's universe!


1. "Let It Go" changed the entire direction of the movie!

When the anthem's songwriters presented the monolithic song to the creative crew, they all realized they needed to change the script to fit the powerful song.

2. Elsa was originally supposed to be a baddie.

But, I mean, an evil snow queen can't sing a song about freedom and empowerment, right? The producers concluded that the song was not only very appealing, but its themes of personal empowerment and self-acceptance were too positive for a villain to express. Thus, the story was rewritten….

Hmm, I'm not so sure. True story: a Frozen obsessed wife said to her hubby, "If you can't understand what makes this movie great, there's something wrong with you as a human being," before divorcing the poor dude. Sounds pretty evil to me!


3. Animators had an actual reindeer visit the studio to use as inspiration for the character Sven.

The animators of Frozen wanted to observe the movements and the mannerisms of reindeer for Sven featured in the movie. Apparently, however, the reindeer just stood there and didn't move enough, so they ended up modelling Sven on Executive Producer John Lasseter's dog. I can totally see it.


4. Elsa was originally meant to look like what now!?

Yep, blue hair, dudes.

When voice actor Idina Menzel joined the cast of the movie, Elsa's CGI creation was equipped with blue, spiky hair and a coat made of living weasels. Count yourselves lucky we got a nice fair-haired, quite normally-clothed Snow Queen, Frozens!


5. Disney does not support the consumption of boogers...!?

Disney is the master of throwing Easter eggs into everything they do, and Frozen is no exception!

There is a note in the movie end credits stating that eating boogers is not a view "reflected by The Walt Disney Company." Smart move, Disney. You do not want a booger-related lawsuit on your hands. Or boogers on your hands either for that matter.


6. Anna and Prince Hans' song is a first for princess-villain duets.

When Anna sings "Love is an Open Door" with Prince Hans, it is the first time a Disney princess has ever performed a duet with a villain...

What, you didn't get the subtle hints about his true nature?


7. The movie is based on a Hans Christian Anderson story.

The Snow Queen, which was also the original title of Frozen before they changed the name, is based on a fairytale by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. The names Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven are also a nod to Andersen's work.


8. The animation team created a snowflake generator program to build 2,000 different snowflake shapes they could use.

That, right there, is some cold, hard dedication.


9. Some Tangled characters make an appearance!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled make a surprise appearance in Frozen. When they open the city gates for Elsa's coronation, you can see the couple's backs toward the camera. Such an awesome little tie-in between Tangled and Frozen to think that the characters not only exist in the same Disneyverse, but that they're close enough to drop by for a visit!



Which fun Frozen fact shocks you the most?

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