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Karly Rayner

Imagine, you're merrily decanting your fourth rum punch of the evening and drunkenly bopping around to 'Monster Mash' amidst the jolly pumpkins when you turn around and see THIS!

This amazing alien mind control mask is hands down the best off the shelf Halloween costume I've ever laid eyes on and it just has so much creepy the living hell out of everyone potential.

Especially when you notice the cold dead eyes of the now defunct human peeking out *shudders*.

If you started doing a particularly convincing zombie walk in this thing while robotically bumping into walls and other party guests, I can guarantee there would be much, much screaming.

Sadly, it doesn't matter how much you win at terror in this hellish headpiece, because you will always lose at partying. I mean, how the hell do you drink in this thing?!

If you value freaking people out over fun, you can buy this awesome Halloween creation HERE!


Is this the most ingeniously creepy Halloween costume you've ever seen?

(Source: Geeky Rant)


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