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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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This case is so shocking, you might think it's the far-fetched plot of a new horror movie. Sadly, these sick events actually happened.

Former Porn Star, Luka Magnotta, is on trial for the murder of Jun Lin, who he murdered, dismembered, and cannibalized.

Luka Magnotta, 32, led innocent Jun Lin, 33 to his flat where the crime took place. Police recovered gruesome evidence such as a blood-spattered fridge and murder weapons.

Dismembered: innocent student Jun Lin, 33.
Dismembered: innocent student Jun Lin, 33.

In a shocking twist, Magnotta filmed his crime - and jurors will be forced to watch the depraved footage to reach their verdict. Sickening.

Magnotta also packaged up some of Jun Lin's body parts, which he posted to different locations around Montreal, Canada, including to local politicians and - most shamefully of all - two schools in the district.

Cannibal Luka Magnotti used an angle grinder on Jun
Cannibal Luka Magnotti used an angle grinder on Jun

This horrible case has shocked the public. Let's hope the people of the Jury aren't too traumatized by the awful things they'll be forced to view - even the details of this vile crime in the press is too much to take in.

Magnotta is pleading Not Guilty, claiming he is not mentally fit to be held culpable...but that's for the Jury to decide. After these terrible events, one small mercy is that this lunatic has been apprehended.


Were you shocked by this horrendous crime?

Source: The Mirror

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