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Warning: do not eat while reading. Hear me? Put the peanut butter down. Put it DOWN.

Halloween is nearly upon us, and that means it's time to start planning some spooky gatherings. And thankfully, the internet is way ahead of us when it comes to disgusting - though artistically brilliant - Halloween food.

Honestly, I have never seen anything like these. How anyone can stomach eating them is beyond me.


Gross Egg Eyeballs

Hard-boiled egg, avocado, and olives. Delicious in a salad; disgusting when turned into mock eyeballs.

(Source: Half Hour Meals)

Birthing Cake

The sprinkles. Dear god the sprinkles.

(Source: Tumblr)

Spooky Ribs

Ribs are really tasty. I just don't want a skull and intestines attached to them.

(Source: Not Quite Nigella)

Zombie Cake

Using probably a similar amount of corn syrup and red food coloring as an actual horror movie, this terrifying cake is definitely not PG-13.

(Source: Cakebreak1)

Intestine Pastry of Doom

"Do break off a section of intestine, Marjorie"

"Gosh, what fun!"

(Source: Canary Girl)

Mummy Dogs

Suffocated in pastry; an evil finger food for any Halloween party.

(Source: Bored Panda)

Vomiting Pumpkin

Errmaaaaged, what did I eat?

(Source: Andrea Buckett)

Anaconda Cake

I'm not sure I could even eat this for fear that it might come alive and bite me.

(Source: North Star Cakes)

Cat Litter Cake

Not specifically Halloween-related, but hey...who needs a reason to create a tray full of fake excrement?

(Source: Flickr)

Mock Turkey of Nightmares

Well...undercooking a turkey like that is just irresponsible.

(Source: Not Quite Nigella)


What crazy inventions, huh? I need to try some of these on Halloween...if I don't chicken out.

(Source: Viral Nova)


Would you eat these?


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