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Who said stroytelling requires hours on end or whopping Hollywood budgets?

Fun Size Horror is an anthology of 31 horror shorts made by a collective of filmmakers who were given only two pieces of guidance: the movie has to be horror and it has to be five minutes or less...

Here's the trailer - looks like it's time for us horror fans to go trick-or-treating!

Each slick slice of horror you just caught a glimpse of was produced by the individual filmmakers, a concept thought up by Zeke Pinheiro. He said:

It occurred to me that I know all these great filmmakers, who are always wanting to create their own thing and all love horror, but were never given a platform. So I figured, why don’t we pool our skills, equipment and resources, and create a collective with the goal of each of us creating a short film that runs less than five minutes for Halloween.

And it looks like Zeke's vision has delivered. Just look at the upcoming awesomeness that's in store...


The Supernatural

Carpet Goo, some weird one-eyed man asking us with ethereal calmness "what is evil?" and a blood-colored fetus monster? I'm pretty sure Fun Size Horror has all of the creepy, supernatural bases covered.


Hot women doing horrendous things

They lure you in, they chew you up, they spit you out... And you thank them for it. Ghastly.


Good old shock factor

Suicide, blood splatters, and screams. 'Nuff said.


Terrifying torture devices

The difference between a common flu shot and a horrendous torture device, measured in a grown man's howls.


Small children being terrorized

I know your Mom told you it's important to brush your teeth, little girl, but now is most certainly not the time... It's behiiiiiind yooooou!



Will you be checking out Fun Size Horror?

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