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Those of you wanting more awkward award disappointment GIFs will disappointed; 4 time almost Oscar winner Leo DiCaprio is leaving acting for a while.

The perpetually woeful actor is bored of Hollywood, apparently, and decided to abruptly end his commitment to the ill-fated Steve Jobs biopic, in which he was due to star.

Once he's wrapped on The Revenant, the actor will take a break - presumably to bask in his own beauty.

The word is that Sony already have an extensive back-up list for the role of the tech giant, including Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, and Ben Affleck.

Who exactly will take DiCaprio's place is still up for discussion, but personally I think Affleck or Cooper would be interesting and Oscar-baiting choices (sorry Leo).

The script is adapted by Aaron Sorkin from Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs, and previously had David Fincher attached to direct, before he left to make Gone Girl. Fear not, however, because Danny Boyle has stepped up to the plate.

When or where the as-yet-untitled movie will appear is still unknown, but at least we can confirm that Leo will probably remain sad at the Oscars this year.

(Source: Latino Review)


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