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Remember 'Destruction Derby'? Love Wrecking Cars?

Originally coined 'Next Car Game' now named Wreckfest is now a reality!

Did you love the over-the-top, reckless racing action of the FlatOut series? Or the ferocious wrecking fests of the Destruction Derby games? We did too!

What if you could somehow relive those glorious moments, mixed with some serious Street Rod inspired vehicle upgrading and spiced up with fierce online races where players can battle it out with their tricked out bangers?
Now that would be something.


Over the years, you’ve been asking the same thing over and again: When are you going to be able to get back to your roots, and play another high-octane racing game that would capture the spirit of over the top action and reckless racing as the legendary games of the past?

We’ve heard you and so has Bugbear Entertainment, and we now have some pretty exciting news for you!

"Our next racing game is going to bring those unforgettable moments up-to-date, and the best part of it all is that we want to make it with YOU"

Unique Racing Experience.


First and foremost, Bugbear are building a FUN racing game with PERSONALITY. It’s all about the stuff that really matters: varied tracks, cool cars, and the defining once in the lifetime moments that can be achieved only with true to life physics simulation.

If you’re familiar with the original FlatOut and Destruction Derby experience, you already know what Bugbear are aiming fro. Exhilarating racing action with sophisticated physics and damage modeling, only this time with an upped ante on almost every front. This is the game was envisioned way back in the early 2000s, only re-imagined for today’s technology and gaming standards.

Awesome Cars.


The cars are old, cheap, banged up, patched together, rusty… just awesome! In short, the cars ooze with style! You won’t find anything like them in other racing games.

They've nailed variety, everyone loves the old American heavy hitters from the muscle car era without neglecting the fun little European and Asian cars from the long gone decades either.


The best part is that you’ll be taking them apart and building them back up again in your garage. Need more horsepower on a budget? No problem, scour the classifieds for a bargain supercharger – just remember that a cheap bargain find might not withstand too much punishment!
The career is as much about your garage and your project cars as it is about racing.

Exciting Engine.


Bugbear use their ROMU engine. A hell bent beast that’s precision-engineered for high speed, breakneck racing. You could not create this experience with just any engine. The ROMU engine is all about heavy metal going way too fast and crashing into stuff.

At Bugbear it's about putting you in the driver’s seat. That’s why there is so much emphasis on the engine simulating everything, to give you great feedback on what your car is doing. You’ll feel the little bumps on the track, the weight of your car when you go over them, and most certainly you’ll feel it when you’re being dealt some damage, only that getting hurt has never before felt so good.

Available only on PC at this stage but this may change closer to release, which is expected to be early 2015.

Who loves smashy smashy games?


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