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K&K produce kick ass action! Cool effects! And all the other stuff that you love about film!
Harry Kirby

The latest image from K&K Productions upcoming live action DgragonBall Z video, which will show a day in the life of Goku though his eyes, has just gone online and it shows us the infamous Saiyan armor.

They have gone for a look that is pretty much identical to the anime and there is a lot of great detail. The battle damage looks especially cool!

K&K have said that they are going to have some fun with this video, showcasing your favorite DBZ characters as well as big action a visual effects.

K&K Productions are of course responsible for the live action DBZ viral hit - DragonBall Z: Saiyan Saga. That trailer has now had over 7.5 million views and still continues to garner praise from the DBZ community.

If you want to check out more of their work and keep updated with their live action DBZ content, you can check out their YouTube channel

So what do you guys think of the armor and have you seen the Saiyan Saga trailer?


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