ByClaude Joly, writer at
Claude Joly

As mutch as i know, i found this roaming on the internet. First from left, we got ''robot'' from the Indian movie ''Robot'' then Ironman's blue suit (wait, what?) and they call him '' Pradu'' The maked man in black latex is ''Krrish'' Then ''Shaktimaan''. (some sort of captain Marvel) and Drona who will represent some sort of Doctor Strange. And Please, don't get me started on The incredible hulk as the Lovely Singh?! (I am trying to hold my laughs)

I am amused but also shocked they have to adopt every movies. We get stuff from them mostly ''not likely'' to watch exept a few curious minds and giggles. As i just told, i won't be watching it If any of you do, you have been warned.

Krrish and Shaktimaan are well know super heroes among the Indian comunity as their main super hero with a slightly religious oriented motto. Pradu one is the rip off of Ironman that my curiosity might melt a hole trough my bucket list..


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