ByRyan Thomson, writer at

Saw Ladies and gentlemen 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of possibly the cleverest horror franchise to ever have existed. In 2004 all horror fans were fixated to a bathroom containing 2 men and we're transfixed by the words "I want to play a game". This year the game comes full circle I'm October this year we celebrate 10 years of pure glory. Yes this franchise has been put down as torture porn but the true fans see these films as the pure genius that they are. These are not some wackjob going around killing teenagers this franchise provides the viewers with hope. The hope with information life can be better it is in the victims hands "cherish your life" becomes so much more than a movie catch phrase but a protocol to apply yourself with. Tobin bell was than man behind the mask the killer behind the killer but this franchise provided us with the greatest 7 film series ever. So ladies and gentlemen saw is back for 1 week go and relive the glory of days gone by.



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