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Brandon Meyers

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season, the team behind THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT have released this awesome map with a list of America's Scariest Haunts. The ones marked with blue skeletal masks are the haunts featured in the film while the ones marked with orange pumpkins are some of the other great haunts around the country you should be checking out this season. This map is a great idea and i wish i had the time to go to all the haunts featured here, or at least the ones featured in the movie, which were pretty damn scary! This could lead to some great road trips that would be an incredible follow up to watching the film.

The Houses October Built is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films coming out during this Halloween and will be available in theaters, VOD and itunes on October !0th, 2014.

If you still haven't seen the trailer check it out now.


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