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Cosplays are a big part of today's world, especially in the lives of die hard fans. Whether its to do with Anime, comic books, or just anything people find amazing, Cosplays are increasingly more popular. This article is the very best of Superhero and villain cosplays. Comment on which is your favorite and post some cosplays you've done yourself!


Nightwing is one of the coolest Superheroes out there. He has stealth, agility, and an awesome costume! This cosplay deserves some recognition, it's so good! All its missing is a mask, and even at that it's still top notch. I would love to be able to buy this costume.

Green [Arrow](series:720988)

We are all familiar with the TV show from which this cosplay is obviously inspired, and its safe to say, this guy nailed it! It's dead on in almost every aspect! Credit to this guy, I presume he stole the show wherever he was!


Big dog Batman. A tough one to try to even attempt. But this guy has no fear, he's hanging out proud with this beauty of a cosplay. The detail on this costume isn't too far from at least a stunt double on a movie set. Kudos to you Bats.


One of DC's greatest villains, Deathstroke is a badass guy. This cosplay gives complete justice to the deadly assassin. Surely this won a cosplay competition somewhere?

[Black Panther](movie:9047)

This cosplay needs no description, its just perfection. This is movie quality! We gotta get this guy on the big screen soon because how amazing does this look? Definitely one of the best on the list.

The Joker

Some cosplays can do wonderful things. This one here I eerily identical to the late, great Heath Ledger. I have to congratulate this guy on an amazing job with this one! Fantastic cosplay.

Green Lantern

I wasn't expecting to see such an amazing Green Lantern cosplay, but this one is a show stealer. A really hard Superhero to cosplay, but this guy has done it with flying colors. I want this costume.


Like the Joker cosplay, this dude looks incredibly similar to Tom Hiddleston's creepy, yet amazing villain. This guy deserves some sort of award. This cosplay was made for him!

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has got nothin' on this wonderful recreation of the iconic DC hero. Every tiny detail is spot on with this one, incredible.

Harley Quinn

There are many interpretations of the classic Harley Quinn, but this one is by far my favorite. It's cool, simple, and disturbingly effective! One of the best on this entire list!


Both are pretty good..... But it really has to go to the Justice League here. Maybe its the fantastic work of the photographer or maybe I didn't find a better Avengers one. Either way, Justice League win that battle..

Don't forget to 1. Vote for your favorite, 2. Comment with your opinion, and 3. Post your own! My Joker cosplay is below! (not near as good as the rest....)


Which is the best?


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