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New York EDM artist DJ THANOS, New Orleans DLC Producer RING TONY and Australian Classical Music composer PHILLIP GELBACH have joined forces to produce new music inspired by the FX TV series "American Horror Story". All have been working together on the internet via video chat since the popular series first began.

The debut season tribute, "Murder House Collection", is a haunting downtempo homage, with chilling stabs of Jazz and R&B underneath pulsing rhythms of funk that go bump in the night.

The bulk of the duo's work is primarily focused on the series' third season, "COVEN", which earned Emmy Awards for Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange.

Among the standout tunes worth notable mention on "The COVEN Collection" are the upbeat "Burn, Witch, Burn!: (Batucada Candomblé Samba/Techno remix)", an homage to the COVEN's main theme called "Cordelia Supreme: Fertility Ritual Remix" and "Bitchcraft", a slow-boiling rendition of "House Of The Rising Sun".

The only single work created as an homage to the series second season is a funky Hip Hop song called "The Asylum" featuring lyrics by singer/songwriter JAMES AVATAR.

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