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Luis Rodriguez

Anybody who enjoyed Inception must be pretty excited to know that Nolan is back with an epic Sci-Fi after he wrapped up his Dark Knight trilogy. I myself have been counting down the days to see this epic masterpiece (yes I'm already calling it a masterpiece) since I first heard of its cast and plot. Were a month away now and the latest trailer was shown last week, completely blowing me away and making me as anxious as i ever was for it. How can this movie get possibly better I start to think and like that my question was answered today.

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift

That's right you guys you'll be able to experience [Interstellar](movie:813746) via the Oculus Rift this October (select cities). I can only begin to imagine the scope of the world they have set out to do using the new and innovative technology this has become. I myself will be first in line to give this a try and couldn't be anymore excited. This brings me to my thought of "Is this the future of movies now?" Will we have special eye wear to take us and immerse us into the films we love? What do you guys think about this technology being implemented into other movies? Comment below!


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