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I had a chance to talk to the director of the awesome fan made Spawn film entitled 'The Recall' that we had posted a few weeks ago. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?! Check it out: Spawn: The Recall

I have to say, Michael was a pleasure to speak with and he's given us a promise that he's going to share more of his awesome work with us in the future. I'm excited for his upcoming works and what he's going to continue to create.

Q: Hey Michael! Great to have you on Moviepilot. Could you tell us a bit about your background?

A: Thanks! Great to be here! I have studied in an art school for 5 years where I made many of my works using VFX. Those years allowed me to develop my artistic and my VFX skills at the same time. I have written and directed many short movies and music videos and I'm working as a freelance graphic designer since 5 years.

Q: Why is Spawn so important to you? Anything about him in particular that you love?

I think that Spawn is more than just a superhero. First of all, he places himself into a vast mythology that directly refers to our beliefs. In every religion there is the concept of good and evil and this comic book reinvents its own concept. Other than that I like Spawn being the perfect anti-hero to me. He is a complex character with more subtlety that he seems to have at the beginning. And I really love the way he looks. The red cape, the green glowing eyes, the chains. This is really good.

Q: What drove you to make this short film? How has the two years been making it?

I wanted to film in a supermarket at night. I had this opportunity thanks to some relatives and then I started to write about that. The supermarket is to me a good allegory for temptation. The "circus" scene came quite quickly in my mind and being a fan of Spawn, I just had to make the connection, and to decide to make a Spawn short movie, knowing what this will involve! The two years were quite challenging since I didn't know how well this would be received by the fans, the general audience, and the professionals. Working on a single computer, meaning rendering all the 3D while I was working on another scene, was so boring and so slow that I really had to keep my patience. Fortunately Johanna Genet - the Witch - helped me also a lot by doing all the sound design. She had a lot of work to do. We couldn't record anything in the supermarket because of the noises and parasite sounds. This is not her job but she did it really well! When I had finished some VFX, she had to adjust the sound design. In a way I was feeling less alone that way. Finally the polishing was really hard to do since you know that there is almost nothing left to do but you want it to be perfect! Anyway I'm glad it is done and how positive are the feedbacks about The Recall. That is great!

If you are curious as to where to find more works like this or have any questions, check out his OFFICIAL movie website, here!


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