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JJ Abrams is know for being rather secretive when it comes to making movies. So naturally, with the constant barrage of rumors and supposed leaks from the set, Abrams is adamant in making sure mum's the word.

A recent photo from the set of Star Wars Episode VII suggests that not only is JJ Abrams working to prevent leaks, but he seems to be preventing them in a light-hearted way.

The poster meant to promote secrecy
The poster meant to promote secrecy

As io9 recently reported, Frank Marshall, husband of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, took the picture above on the set of the upcoming Star Wars film.

Excited to be here at Pinewood, but mum's the word...

The poster wasn't originally made to advocate against leaking set information; it was originally created by artist Cliff Chiang as a fictional propaganda poster in the Star Wars universe. (Chiang's art can be found on this website). However, Abrams' usage of this poster suggests that he has an appreciation for fanart and a clever sense of humor.

One of the few images Abrams is willing to leak
One of the few images Abrams is willing to leak

At the root of things however, Abrams is making sure that as little information leaks as possible; a task that is nearly impossible in the get-it-done-yesterday, 24/7, digital news age of today. Hopefully Abrams successfully gets the message out to his crew with this poster. What fun would the new Star Wars be if it was spoiled more than a year before its release?


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