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I would label this week’s Gotham episode what I like to call a “bridge episode.” What is a bridge episode you may ask? Simply put, it’s an episode in a show in which the plotline is merely bearable and basically no one is ever going to remember it, let alone say it was one of their favorite episodes. Nevertheless, bridge episodes, however boring they may seem, are called that for a reason. They often give us vital information and foreshadow big events to come.

Let’s list some of these foreshadowing events, shall we? (It’s AP English all over again…)

• Penguin ruthlessly kills a street guy and an innocent bus boy, all with a charming grin.

CONCLUSION: Lil’ Oswald is quickly becoming the sociopath obsessed with power that his alter ego, the Penguin, is so well known for

• Selina Kyle helps Jim Gordon but quickly flees when she gets the chance

CONCLUSION: Selina, who will eventually become the infamous Catwoman, never ceases to keep you guessing. Is she on your side? Or does she just want something only you can give her? Even as a little girl, she is a clever and manipulative thief. Yet, you can never quite get yourself to dislike her…

• The Balloonman attempts to protect Gotham by ironically breaking the law

CONCLUSION: This one is an obvious one. The Balloonman’s vigilante actions sets the stage for the ultimate shadowy crime fighter, Batman

• Bruce Wayne refuses to eat, Alfred tells him food will keep his strength, and he finally eats when the reporter lady asks the cliché question, “With the Balloonman gone, who will protect Gotham?”

CONCLUSION: Once again, this one is SUPER cliché and obvious. Suffering from his parent’s violent deaths and losing faith in the corrupt GCPD, young Bruce is quickly realizing that he must take the justice of the city into his own well-polished hands

All of the above were admittedly pretty straightforward. Like I said before, bridge episodes aren’t the most thrilling of storylines.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…

You know you're jealous of my paint skillz :P
You know you're jealous of my paint skillz :P

Could HAS TO BE! There is absolutely no mistaking that bright yellow hair and those sky-high pigtails! Who else would wear those but the infamous yet lovable Harley Quinn!!

Now of course, there is no official mention or reference to Harley Quinn in the show yet, but there is legitimate reason to speculate that this girl right here is potentially her. Once again, let's list them off

1) Harley Quinn, born as Harleen Quinzel, is a fairly new character to the world of Batman. She was first introduced in 1992 as a part of Batman: The Animated Series. The only thing that remains generally constant about her origin story is the fact that she worked at Arkham Asylum as a psychiatric intern and developed an (unhealthy) obsession with one of the most famous superhero villains in history: the enigmatic Joker. She subsequently become his fiercely loyal companion in crime.

CONCLUSION: Because of her vague and basically unmentioned past, Gotham writers essentially have free reign of Harley's origin story. She could have come from anywhere, including Fish Mooney's parlor.

2) They only showed her for about 2 seconds

CONCLUSION: It's as if they were teasing you with her appearance. If you saw her, congrats, you found an awesome easter egg! If you didn't, tough luck, you'll go on through the rest of the season unaware of the Batman gold you just missed :(

3) Arkham Asylum is reopening.

CONCLUSION: It would not be too far of a stretch to say that perhaps Ms. Quinzel is doing all she can to pay her way through college in order to eventually work at the newly re-opened psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

4) We potentially might have already met the Joker!

CONCLUSION: Could this struggling stand up comic potentially be our Joker? It would be incredibly ironic and beautifully apropos if these birds (?) had met prior to Arkham Asylum and didn't even realize it!

I guess we will just have to wait and see! Please leave your speculations in the comment box below :D


Could this be our Harley Quinn??


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