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Game Freak's latest trend with re-releases of classic Pokemon games!

Years ago the original Gameboy releases of Pokemon red and Green received their re-release on Gameboy Advance with Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. Then a few years later our DS received Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Now, it's 2003's Ruby and Sapphire that our set to make their way into the next generation (literally, it has been over a decade since we saw these games).

Now this November is set to have these old classics arrive onto the 3DS. But are all of these remakes worth it? Are these simply a demonstration of a company's will to make more money any way possible or are these games worth returning to on your new portable console?

Many say that these re-releases demonstrate the worst aspects of Game Freak's dealings with the Pokémon franchise, but it seems these new releases have some merits that you might want to check out!

The Gameboy Advance was worth buying just for Ruby and Sapphire!

Aside from new re-makes these two games were the only new Pokemon releases for this console and while the formula remained intact, the game certainly had a few new intriguing features. They were also the highest selling games for the console!

New features, such as double battles and Pokémon abilities along with 135 new Pokémon were added at the time, along with the ability to play with 4 players as opposed to the previous restriction of only 2 (how times have changed!). The game also featured bizarre non-combat Pokemon battles and secret customizable bases. Therefore, an updating of gameplay and graphics on a unique little game like this will prove worthy of our time!

The Ruby version looks like a Godzilla game here!
The Ruby version looks like a Godzilla game here!

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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire's updated Pokenav will work great on the internet!

While not very many things have changed over the years in terms of gameplay mechanics, the way in which the new Pokemon games enable us to connect with friends is increasingly improving! On the 3DS the bottom screen will almost totally be devoted to online features, making it so much easier to battle friends and random gamers as opposed to using that old dial-up connection they had in-game.

Also, the game looks wonderful! Check out some of the latest screenshots revealed on their Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire website!

Some pretty great fan art for Sapphire and Ruby!
Some pretty great fan art for Sapphire and Ruby!

Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby Demo Dates Announced!

For those of you that want to dive into the game ahead of its official release new dates and methods for the download of the demo have been released. For one, readers of CoroCoro Magazine can get their hands on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo codes in the Oct. 15 issue. In addition, those who subscribe to Chao Magazine can also get their hands on codes for the demo from the Nov. 1 issue.

That's for those in Japan! For those in Europe, Australia and South Africa you can check out all the information from your local gaming store! Unfortunately North America has no news as of yet on demos.

Let me know if you'll be getting these games in November!

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire will be released for the 3DS on November 21st for Japan, Australia and North America, and on the 28th of November for Europe!


Will you be picking up these games upon release?


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