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October kicks off with a pretty great film that might slip under a lot of radars come Oscar season. David Fincher returns to the big screen after directing two episodes of House of Cards season 1 with a book adaptation [Gone Girl](movie:833123). This is a spoiler free review so if you haven't seen it yet don't worry I'll let you enjoy it in theaters yourself first! For my full video review please click this video below!

Just to reiterate from my video, I saw this film without having read the book or using Wikipedia to spoil the twists. I'm glad I waited because wow this movie had some magnificently shocking moments. Since this is a non-spoiler review I'm going to just kick off things with the great parts about it. First off, the acting was some of the best I've seen in awhile. Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck showed everyone who might have doubted them that they ARE Nick and Amy Dunne.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Ever since Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batmen in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) he has been tripping off hater's alarms. Tons thought that he would ruin this popular book by disgracing the screen with his presence. However, he did the opposite. Ben showed that he can play a dark and messed up character that can also be likeable. I can't imagine anyone else in this role. For all the whiners out there, go watch this movie. Watch "Batfleck" tear it up and not be outdone by his killer co-star.

Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike was an actress I really only saw in Edgar Wright's The World's End that came out back in 2013. In just one film she's basically slapped me in the face and said "you'll remember me now dammit." Oh I will Rosamund. I can't remember the last actress I saw play a character that during some scenes could be the girl all guys wanted to hit on at the party while other scenes she's cold, calculating and just downright sinister. If there's any actresses this year that need to be in Oscar talks already? It's Rosamund Pike. She stole the show.

Don't get me wrong the entire supporting cast was fantastic. Neil Patrick Harris, Kim Dickens, Carrie Coon, Casey Wilson and Tyler Perry all shined when they were given the time. BY GOD I thought I'd never say those words. TYLER PERRY SHINED. Maybe it's because he decided to finally drop the dumbass Madea gimmick. Please, retire the Madea character in the eternity of hell already Tyler? Please? I'll actually respect you if you continue roles like this one. One of my only problems with the film was the fact that I wanted more Neil Patrick Harris and more Tyler Perry.

Credit also has to of course go to the writer/author of the book Gillian Flynn. My fiancee and other friends told me that this adaptation was damn near perfect. Sure, Flynn had to make some cuts but nothing was essential to the plot that got the axe. Fincher was probably the perfect director to bring this book to life as his dark, brutal style of filmmaking made the best out of Flynn's story. How many book adaptations is this for Fincher? The 4th or so? Safe to say he's a great man for the job because he can make general audiences as well as book lovers happy.

There's too much left in the year to call this the best of 2014, but if it's not at least in most people's top 10 lists I seriously need to see what movies they are watching. Gone Girl belongs in any argument. The fact that a film was able to have so many twists and turns without confusing an audience or come off as cliche is so refreshing. Tons of films nowadays can barely build to one big twist before trying to shock us. Gone Girl was able to leave you guessing what the ending was going to be up until the very second the credits rolled.

Gone Girl is THE movie to see in October so if you haven't yet, go buy your tickets now and see it already! If you haven't guessed from my video review or my written one you can tell the rating I'm going to give the film. I'm going to give Gone Girl "TREMENDOUS: Going to Buy it on DVD the Day It Comes Out"!

Do you agree or disagree? Please comment below so we can all discuss!

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