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So far, Gotham has had a running start in terms of quality, in my opinion. I've thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 episodes with daring characters, intense dialogue and the right ingredients to make a perfect Gotham. The place is corrupt, unjust and in need of fixing. This is where Jim Gordon comes in. A by-the-books sorta guy who believes in justice and a safe living environment. So far, he has had to deal with: Fish Mooney, The Penguin, and Falcone. But this is only the start for wise-guy Jim Gordon... Later on in the show, he will have to deal with petty crimes from Selina Kyle and bigger crimes from the Riddler himself, Edward Nigma. But who else? Batman has a vast array of tedious villains all waiting to be used by DC. This is a list of the 5 villains we NEED to see in Gotham.

**(Keep in mind, Jim Gordon can't be taking down the likes of Bane, Killer Croc, etc.) **

6. Deadshot

You should be familiar with this villain who has quite good accuracy. You may remember him from the Arkham Games, or you may be a big enough Batman fan to appreciate this killer assassin. I find he would be perfect in the world the producers have created within Gotham. I would love to see Jim's detective work come in to play trying to solve the murder scenes with Deadshot's sniper skills. I can picture it so clearly.

5. The Clock King

Originally an enemy of Green Arrow, but featured in the highly popular, Batman: The Animated Series. The Clock King is a villain that has tons of potential to be fully utilized in the TV series. The Clock King has no meta-human powers or abilities, although he is athletic and extraordinarily smart. He extensively uses clock and time related gimmicks to devastating effect. His primary weapon is a sword forged in the shape of a clock's hand that doubles as a walking stick. This guy would be a pain for Jim Gordon, but that's what we want, no?

4. Two-Face

"Lets flip a coin"
"Lets flip a coin"

The tragedy of Harvey Dent is one of Batman's greatest stories ever told. A man corrupted by losing everything and falling to the dark side. He is a character I can picture being teased by various Easter-eggs, but it's too soon to tell! This man would be a healthy addition to the roster of villains in Gotham.

3. Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz is a serial killer and a nemesis of Batman. He usually kills with a knife and carves a tally mark somewhere on himself for every victim. This type of insanity could be a nice dynamic for the show. It could test the Jim Gordon's morals and give us a look to see what he would do in controversial situations. This guy is crazy so Jim would really be tested with him.

**Update: Zsasz is totally in it!**

2. Hugo Strange

"The most dangerous man in the world! Scientist, philosopher and a criminal genius ... little is known of him, yet this man is undoubtedly the greatest organizer of crime in the world." ―Bruce Wayne

This guy is an iconic Batman villain that is extremely smart. Certainly too smart for Jim Gordon, which is what I'd love to see. Strange, however, is currently plagued by schizophrenic episodes that leave him confused and dangerous.

1. The Joker

Which origin story?
Which origin story?

The definitive villain. Possibly the greatest villain of them all. It would be a cautious joy to see this guy welcomed to the show. The producers of the show said that he would be teased in most episodes in the first season, and so far, we've seen some teasers. I would only want him in the show if he was done right. Heath Ledger left an irremovable stamp on this characters legacy, but who knows, he could work fantastically.

Let me know who you guys would like to see! Comment below on your ideas.



Which villain do you want to see?


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