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A lot of fairy tales don't have the happy ending that we desperately crave, and French photographer Thomas Czarnecki is well aware of this.

Instead of pandering to the saccharin sweet palette of Disney movies, let's imagine if something altogether darker happened to our princesses when they were in peril.

When you're trapped in a movie, nobody can hear you scream.

Poisonous Peril

Clearly there are no kindly dwarves to artfully arrange you in a glass casket when you meet your demise in a creepy warehouse. I have a feeling that no prince will find her here...

Suspects: I think we already know this one, right? Unless those dwarves got fed up of someone making them clean up their filth and took their revenge...

My bet's on that grumpy asshole.


Wrong Turn to Wonderland

I always found Alice in Wonderland pant-wettingly terrifying as a child, but painting the roses red with a lunatic queen suddenly seems somewhat appealing.

Suspects: I wouldn't put that neurotic white rabbit past a murder suicide, but this is probably the aftermath of a certain someone's idea of a "tea party."


Beauty's Definitely Not Sleeping...

Something gives me a feeling that this beauty isn't just snoozing...

Suspects: Well, we all know that the prince was a rapist in the original Sleeping Beauty story, right? Based on this evidence, he might as well be a murderer as well.

Maleficent would never do anything this evil.


Slippery When Dead

I always thought that glass slippers weren't the most suitable footwear for sprinting away from a ball before you turned into a grubby old peasant!

Suspects: Those Ugly Step-Sisters have a lot to answer for.


The End of Ariel

You should have listened when Sebastian told you it was "better down where it's wetter," Ariel.

Suspects: I always thought Triton had some serious rage issues, but would he really murder his own daughter for growing legs and trying to run away from the underwater kingdom?

I guess he does have six more kids where she came from...


One Last Wish...

I have a feeling that it wasn't Jasmine who made this final deadly wish...

Suspects: Seeing as Jafar was so desperate to have princess Jasmine for himself, I doubt even he would gas her.

Maybe a certain monkey never really managed to swallow his initial dislike for his owner's new all consuming interest...I mean, they are all totally evil. Even cute ones in hats.


Belle's Beastly Demise

I guess being holed up in a castle with a short tempered beast about 10 times your weight has it's dangers.

Suspects: If it wasn't Beast losing his s**t in some petty domestic dispute, then all fingers point to Gaston.

Sure, he wanted Belle for himself, but when it comes to arrogant twerps like him, thinking before you flex your murderous muscles isn't an option.

See more of the talented Thomas Czarnecki's photography HERE!


Do you agree with my murder suspects?

(Source: Thomas Czarnecki)


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