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You wouldn't immediately associate the tone and fanbase of The Walking Dead with the modern trend of 'shipping' characters in films and television programs. However, despite the more adult orientated content, fans seem extremely keen for Daryl and Carol to hook up at some point in the post-apocalypse.

This was something which apparently came as a surprise to Melissa McBride, the actress who has played Carol in all five seasons of [The Walking Dead](series:201193). When asked at the New York Comic-Con if she thought it was odd for Carol and Daryl's will-they-won't-they relationship to dominate the show, she had plenty to say. She explained:

It’s only odd in that nothing has ever been substantiated so a lot of it I feel like is the creation of the fans. There’s obviously some kind of chemistry between those two characters and part of that is that they have a lot in common as far as where they come from and the struggles that they’ve each experienced and tried to overcome and continue to in that post-apocalyptic world and they support one another because they understand that in one another. It’s like, let’s see how many steps forward we can get and if one goes backwards, one's there to pull them forward again. Keep an eye out for each other in that way.
So it’s a neat, sort of still-unspoken thing and it’s lovely to me, it’s very sweet. But no, this phenomenon thing, this whole shipping thing...the fans are just so incredibly passionate and it’s something they want to happen, or they’ve seen things that...I don’t know! I love it that they’re engaged but no, when you think of early on and then you see today how fervent people are about these hook-ups, I never would have seen that coming either.

Of course, just because fans are talking about it, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen at some point. Having said that, the promotional campaign for season 5 has stressed that Daryl and Carol will reunite, perhaps showing AMC is willing to tease fans and play to their expectations. However, we have to remember, giving fans what they always want doesn't necessarily result in a better show.

Finally, we also shouldn't forget those rumors concerning Daryl's possible sexuality...


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