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Now, don't get me wrong. We were all excited about Destiny, the new "shared-world shooter" release from Bungie, the developers behind Halo (and therefore automatic royalty) - but Smosh's take on it is just hilarious.

The YouTubers have vented the annoyance of many fans at certain aspects of the game with an "honest" trailer. Cue a dramatic voice-over telling it how it is:

The story telling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft, and the co-operative fun of Borderlands may eventually get patched in, but until then play the worlds hottest 7 out of 10 - Destiny.

Likening the characters to less cool versions of Guardians of The Galaxy, Smosh poke fun at the games' use of optional races "that make zero difference" and the ability to explore the galaxy with "an even smaller version of Peter Dinklage."

In other words, this video is just perfection. (And yes - we are still feverishly playing the game).

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


Does the 'honest' trailer for Destiny do the game justice?


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