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Robert Downey Jr. has always been outspoken about his support for the brave men and women of the US military, but just singing their praises clearly isn't enough for this altruistic actor.

Instead, the star gave military personal at an Ohio Air Force base a gift to remember forever when he showed up to an exclusive early screening of his new movie, [The Judge](movie:739892).

The star spoke out to the media about his choice to screen the movie at the Wright-Patterson facility by explaining:

It’s just a way of reminding myself that there are people out there who put their lives on the line so I can go out and make movies. Their sacrifice allows us to have that freedom.

The 49-year-old actor also posted the following tribute on his Twitter account:

Although the beloved Iron Man actor's appearance spread grins across the 900 person auditorium, he also exposed some soldiers to nerves that they hadn't even felt in active service! Colonel John M. Devillier, who introduced Downey Jr. to the crowd, told interviewers that:

It was electrifying. People were excited. It was incredible. I still have goosebumps...I do a lot of things in the United States Military and the United States Air Force, but I have not been nervous like that in many, many years.

What a legend!


What would you do if Robert Downey Jr. jumped you with a surprise meeting?

(Source: Gossip Cop and WTDN)


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