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Blake Lively and her husband of 2 years, Ryan Reynolds, have announced that they are expecting their first baby together!

The pair made their announcement in a super classy post on Lively's lifestyle website, Preserve. The post does not explicitly mention Lively's pregnancy but is instead a celebration of the beauty of growing your family. Blake wrote:

With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all—to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family.
Today we celebrate them. With food to fill their tummies (as if that needs more filling), presents to soothe their tired (and swollen) soles, toys to warm their baby’s souls, projects to provoke them, and decorations to inspire creativity and merriment in all.
We had too much fun with this. Because there’s so much to share, we break up our first ever Preserve Celebration into multiple parts. In the upcoming days we will bring even more treats and fun. The entire next month will be sprinkled with highlights for women in this exciting chapter of their lives.
Congratulations to all the expecting mothers out there

The 27-year-old actress then went on to confirm the news with this beautiful portrait of her tenderly cradling her new baby bump.

Is it just me, or does every conceivable (pun intended) celebrity seem to be getting pregnant these days?

Not that I'm complaining, bring on all the celebri-babies...But please, please don't do this before they arrive!

It's just terrifying...and don't boy and girl babies look pretty much identical anyhow?!

Congratulations to Blake and Ryan from everyone at Moviepilot!


What do you think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will have?

(Source: Gossip Cop via Preserve and The Daily Mail)


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