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The mild-mannered Canadian face of hip hop has been accused of threatening a Houston stripper's life in an attempt to keep their sexual tryst a secret.

Jhonni Blaze claims that after barraging her a stream of threatening text messages, Drake sent his muscle to her house to warn her of the deadly consequences of spilling her story to the press.

Jhonni Blaze
Jhonni Blaze

After her unwelcome home visit, Blaze contacted the police and TMZ claims that the Houston Police Department have confirmed that they are investigating a "possible celebrity."

Obviously, the ancient battle of famous rapper vs. stripper is always a tough call, but if any of this turns out to be true, Drake really needs to revise his silencing methods.

Maybe keep it conventional next time and do some good old fashioned bribing with a pile of crisp 50 dollar bills, a years supply of champagne and a nice fur coat, eh Drake?

Or, alternatively, you could just not sleep with strippers.


Who's telling the truth?

(Source: TMZ)


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