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So, Gotham, huh?

Fox's newest gothic, comic and proto-superheroic series is now onto its third episode - and is in many ways finally hitting its stride. With the show focusing less on introducing new characters, though, surely there'll be a whole lot less in the way of Easter egg-y goodness for us all to rummage through?

Thankfully, not so much. Sure, the series' third episode tones down the spread of its references - but that doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot to enjoy...

For instance:

WEBG, the Crossover Channel!

A.k.a. what seems to be the affiliate of WEBG 7 - as seen in Arrow...

Professor Pyg!

Or, rather, the complete absence of the actual super villain Professor Pyg - but that mask sure did look a whole lot like the (massively creepy) villain, huh?


Specifically, the fact that there are clearly going to be a whole lot of them in the show - thus paving the way for a certain Caped Crusader. Largely because they're clearly influencing a certain Master Wayne....


Now, c'mon, Alfred, you don't need to spell it out for the boy that much...


Which wouldn't be at all interesting, if this wasn't The Penguin we're talking about... Waddle waddle?

Suiting Up!

So, true, Bruce Wayne can't exactly suit up as Batman in the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean Gordon can't give us a few hints of foreshadowing.

The Shadow!

Now, it's about as vague as comic-book references come, but surely there's something to the fact that a man named Lamond kills a man named Cranston while wearing a mask and a fedora. Just like The Shadow - a hero secretly named Lamont Cranston.

Sal Maroni!

In all his sleazy, potentially Two-Face-creating glory...


Cardinal Quinn may not have appeared in the comics, but could his...departure lead to the arrival of Cardinal O'Fallon, who had some trouble with The Scarecrow back in Batman: Gotham Knight?

And, actually, wait a minute? Quinn? With a disturbing relationship with kids? Potential links to Harleen Quinzel (a.k.a. Harley Quinn) anyone?

...and, best of all...


Not only is he already back, and clearly ready to get started on becoming the villain we know and love - but he's already wearing something even closer to his iconic look!

Now all we need? A Danny DeVito cameo...[Gotham](series:1127075)Season 2, anyone?


What do you guys think? Happy The Penguin's back?



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