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Those of you who've been lucky enough to both catch David Fincher's blackly funny Gone Girl at the cinema and read the excellent novel by Gillian Flynn, will have noticed how closely the movie sticks to the source material.

This should be no surprise as Flynn also wrote the screenplay. However, there is one big scene from the novel that was altered dramatically for the movie - and it was because Fincher thought the original was bulls--t.

Warning: Massive Gone Girl spoilers on the way.

It took place during Amy's successful attempt to litter their home with clues leading investigators to believe she'd been killed by Nick. One part of her plan involved draining a load of her blood onto the floor and then hastily cleaning it up.

In the book Amy does this by slicing herself open with a knife, but in the movie she uses a needle and IV drip and nonchalantly fills up a bucket.

So why the change? Here's Flynn to explain:

That was David. David just didn’t buy it. He was like, 'She’s too careful.' And of course, being Mr. Smarty Pants, he was like, 'Have you ever actually cut a jugular? Do you know anything about anatomy? You could very easily hurt yourself! It’s got to be more precise.' So he didn’t buy it.

I have to agree with Fincher on this one. In the book, Amy slicing herself open with a knife always bugged me. It felt too uncontrolled and risky, something I felt the meticulously prepared Amy would never do.

Getting Amy to calmly drain her blood with a needle made much more sense. Fincher got this decision absolutely right.


Which version do you prefer?

(Source Vulture)


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