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Christopher Nolan is a die-hard analog film fan and he wants you to know it.

The famed director of Inception, Memento and The Dark Knight is fighting the digital trend in unusual ways; including releasing his new movie Interstellar two days earlier at cinemas that still project film.

They will premiere the movie on November 5th, whereas digital-only cinemas will have to wait until November 7th.

Since Interstellar is one of the most hotly anticipated films of the entire year and a shoe in for awards season, it's understandable that a lot of cinema owners are really not happy about this.

The decision is clearly meant to be making a point on Nolan's behalf, since the opening two days of a movie's run are often decisive for how it will fare at the box office - and how much money the cinema will take.

In other words, delaying the release in digital cinemas means that the many people desperate to see Interstellar will be taking their business elsewhere.

One cinema owner, Joe Palletta, commented:

This devalues what we've done. I can't afford to get the projectors out of the warehouse for two days, and I don't even have anyone to operate them.

The move is especially ironic since the film is distributed by Paramount, who as of this year have stopped distributing film reels completely. Most of all, though, the whole gesture just seems a little bit pointless, and dare I say...petty.

The move to digital has well and truly occurred, and regardless of your thoughts on its merits, Nolan's decision isn't going to make cinemas spend millions on converting their projectors back to a technology that most now consider outdated anyway. As one cinema owner says, "it makes no sense to step back in time."

Whether or not the release tactics of Interstellar will be as devastating to digital as Nolan hopes remains to be seen. Either way, the film is sure to be drawing people to cinemas with film projectors.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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