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The Rock rewarded his loyal WWE fans in an awesome way: by making a surprise return to the arena!

The Rock - who is now known by his real name, Dwayne Johnson, in his illustrious acting career - returned to his wrestling roots with a secret appearance during a WWE fight.

The Rock in his titled Wrestling days!
The Rock in his titled Wrestling days!

Sure, he wasn't throwing down any boss moves, but in true The Rock style, he greeted fans and gave a heartwarming speech, giving back a lot of the love that WWE devotees have shown him over the years.

Hollywood Life reports that the crowd went BONKERS when Dwayne Johnson appeared, chanting his famous catchphrase 'Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?' Awesome.

Good on you, Dwayne, for returning to your roots and making your fans happy.


Do you wish The Rock would return to WWE?

Source: Hollywood Life


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