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Megan Fox thought she was appearing on German television to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but she ended up being torn apart for her choice of clothing instead.

While taking part in the show named 'Wetten, dass ..?' the 28-year-old actress was slammed by fashion designer Wolfgang Joop for looking like the:

Expensive sister of Micaela Schäfer

If you're not in the know, that might not seem so bad, but Schäfer is well known as a nude model who excels in modelling exceedingly tasteful outfits like this on the red carpet:

Just to ensure the insult hit home, the 69-year-old fashion designer also made sure to mention that he thought Fox "looked like she had come from an erotic convention."

Fox clearly isn't that familiar with the tasteful artistry of the demure petal that is Micaela Schäfer because she took the remarks in her stride by saying:

That's a compliment! It's great when people find my clothes erotic! If he wanted to annoy me with his statement , he didn't succeed.

But, what was the offensively skimpy outfit in question, you cry? Shield your delicate eyes from the scandalous garment below!

Yep, I don't get it either.

Maybe old Joop is just a little jealous because he looks like this?

You can totally tell he was going for those iconic Megan Fox cat eyes about 10 surgeries ago!

Oh well, at least we know that Fox likes it when we find her erotic now.


Do you see the Megan Fox and Micaela Schäfer Comparison?

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