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Mass Effect 4 will follow Dragon Age: Inquisition in more ways than one!

At the present moment, Bioware is furiously busy with the imminent release of Dragon Age: Inquisition for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on November 18th and 21st.

Therefore they are reluctant to talk too much about Mass Effect 4, due to their desire for people to get excited about the latest installment in the Dragon Age series (which must be difficult after the mixed reception of Dragon Age 2). It is working to some extent though, I for one am desperately awaiting its release, but Mass Effect still calls to us from way out in space and we want to get back there as soon as possible!

Presently, for comfort reasons, the game has the working title of Mass Effect 4, though this will more than likely change upon the game's release date. The game will be inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition in terms of a great deal of its core gaming systems. Due to the fact that both games will use the Frostbite 3 engine, the studio director at Bioware Montreal revealed that Mass Effect 4 "can start from some of DA3's core systems instead of from scratch."

Just how much will Mass Effect 4 borrow from DA?
Just how much will Mass Effect 4 borrow from DA?

This is a little vague in terms of whether Mass Effect will borrow elements such as plot development, character progression, leveling up or combat systems from Dragon Age, but whatever they are borrowing I'm sure it's for good reasons. And let's all just hope that Inquisition is an incredible game!

This is certain to help the development of Mass Effect 4 since a lot of the key development processes are already in place, thus hopefully a great game can be built from this foundation. Although not confirmed, Mike Gamble has hinted that "it wouldn't be a bad idea" to hang onto your Mass Effect save files too. But by then they may even release the old ones for the new consoles so that we can create some improved saves for next gen!

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What Bioware have planned for Mass Effect 4!

As we start designing the next Mass Effect game, we start by asking fans what they want, you know, what Mass Effect means to them. One of the things that fans have told us most about what they want in the next Mass Effect game is to go somewhere new and to move forward; new places, new characters and new people to fall in love with.
We're taking you to a whole new region of space, pick a planet across the other side of the galaxy and fly there and see what you'll discover. The magic we can do now with the power of new consoles and amazing software that all looks fantastic. We've never seen these characters this real before.
We think fans of the series are going to be surprised with just how far we're going! How far can we go with these games? Wait and see.

These are to combined quotes taken from the announcement of Mass Effect 4 at E3 earlier this year. Take a look at their announcement below, at least so that you can see yourself how the development team is getting along and you get to hear that wonderful music once again!

What we can see in it, is a humanoid solider wearing N7 armor, and a brief clip of a Krogan next to some sort of stand or kiosk. These are really the only facts that we have to go on for the time being. Needless to say, it's just a thrill for me to hear that they're actually making it and that we'll all be able to enjoy Mass Effect 4 with our next generation consoles.

Meanwhile, are you guys going to be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?


Will you play Dragon Age: Inquisition?


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