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Interstellar's new trailer talks about the last generation of people left alive!

The latest trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has further deepened our curiosity concerning the plot details for the film. The trailer reveals the deepened sense of desperation that the characters feel as Matthew McConaughey sets off on his voyage to save the planet.

So far we seem to be pretty sure that the planet is facing an agricultural epidemic that threatens life on earth itself. "Your daughter's generation will be the last to survive on earth." Michael Caine offers up these words to his supposed son (seems like a very similar character to the one he played in Inception) in order to persuade him to carry out this voyage to save mankind.

McConaughey appears to be playing an out-of-work or retired space pilot who gets called upon due to his incredible abilities in the field. The mission he embarks upon will take him out of our galaxy in order to find something out there that can save us.

Time Travel in [Interstellar](movie:813746)!

If one simply goes onto IMDb we see a whole host of characters that don't have second names or even character names and then we get ones such as 'Murph', 'young Murph' and 'old Murph'. Therefore, seeing as all of the trailers feature McConaughey with his very young daughter, this means that he more than likely encounters some kind of wormhole which sends him forward in time, perhaps twice? Or will Nolan show us what happens on earth over time?

The film seems very similar in this respect to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, as we saw the protagonist age in various perplexing ways as he ventured through a wormhole. Also, this ship is right out of Space Odyssey!

Just like Space Odyssey, but still cool!
Just like Space Odyssey, but still cool!

But I'm, sure these are just homages to the great American director that Nolan wanted to include in his latest release. Anyway, with regards to time travel, I feel like the film will show us various time periods on earth while McConaughey and his crew complete their mission off in a different galaxy. Thus, this is where the character of the elusive Jessica Chastain comes in (I mean come on she has the same hair color as the young girl!).

Also the reveal of the water planet with enormous waves looks incredible! Check it out in the trailer below! I can't wait to see this film, I look forward to evening where I can enjoy Inception-like music and madness and completely turn off my brain and enjoy the best kind of mainstream cinema!

3D Interstellar experience with Oculus Rift virtual reality exhibit around America!

This looks so strange but could be amazing!
This looks so strange but could be amazing!

The Oculus Rift experience allows participants to don high-tech headsets (known as the Oculus Rift development kit) to feel as if they are traveling, even floating in zero gravity through the Endurance spacecraft from the film. Director Nolan donned the virtual headset himself and set that it reminded him of being back on set!

A group of 20 people painstakingly recreated the inside of the Endurance in order to take people even closer to the film. The tour of the simulator will travel around IMAX cinemas in New York, Washington D.C. area, Houston and Los Angeles. It will be open to the public from November 6th till the 20th.

Interstellar is less than a month away with a release date of November 4th!


What do you think Nolan has in store for us with Interstellar?


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