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Don Mancini, the Child's Play creator, says he thinks a future project that includes BOTH brilliantly terrifying dolls, Chucky and Annabelle, could be in the works.

"I am hoping that at some future point we have Annabelle and Chucky team up," says Child's Play creator Don Mancini. "I can see that (even) in 20 years from now."

[Annabelle](movie:1217914) did well in the box office this past weekend, at $37 million. So, if you're looking for a freaky sequel to The Conjuring spinoff, you may be in luck.

But the important question is, which of these two devilishly cute and super frightening dolls haunts your nightmares more?

Chucky has those eyes...

But so does Annabelle...

Chucky can come across as harmlesss... kind of.

But, at first, I might have also trusted Annabelle around my firstborn baby...

I might be leaning towards Chucky...

But the ACTUAL doll Annabelle was modeled after is SUPER creepy...

Remind me, later, when I have kids, to get them any toy besides dolls.

I'm considerably freaked out now!

And if you haven't seen it yet, you really should...

It would be an epic battle. But, if you had to choose, who would it be?


Thoughts on Annabelle vs. Chucky?


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