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Craig Patrick Arnott

With less than a week before the premier of series 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead the studio has already announced a series 6! Spoilers and discussion ahead!

It is hard to guess what will happen in series 6 given we have not even seen series 5 yet, however a few clues have pointed to suggest they will reach a true safe haven by the end of the series (thank you Andrew Lincoln for shaving your beard). If this is the case it could be a very different show to the previous 5 series. If this is the case we will see a flood of new characters appearing which could mean a goodbye to many long running characters from the show to make room for the new additions. Needless to say we have many trips to take in series 5 before series 6 but at least we can all get excited for more 'Walkers' to terrorize the world for another year!


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