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Love seeing your favorite Marvel mutants on the big screen? Well, some of them might be coming to your living room. There is rumored to be an announcement, possibly as soon as this week at New York Comic Con, about a live action X-Men show to be aired on Fox.

I think, with a TV budget, it would be pretty hard to put together a full blown X-Men series that true fans would sign off on and that would also attract newcomer fans (which, of course, is what TV is all about... advertising money trumps all!). I do, however, think that starting the series off from the beginning, and having the mutants slowly evolve into superheroes over a couple of seasons would be AWESOME!

They definitely need to be careful when they decide who they are going to focus on... I decided to list off a few that they might be able to get the rights to... but they probably don't want too many more than 6 or 7 "leading" type roles... any more and it would be a little tough to develop them as characters... any less, and I would feel robbed.

Warren Worthington III (Angel)

I think this would be a super compelling character for TV. An attractive (remember it's TV) wealthy playboy from the right side of the tracks... with a privileged background who rubs people the wrong way at first. You always need the self-centered guy on a show like this who eventually wins us over. The show could transform him over a few episodes. And since he's one of the originals, it would make sense to include him.

Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Nowadays, you can't have a TV show without some form of relationship and sexual drama. Phoenix and Cyclops' relationship would be good for ratings, but I also think Jean Grey would be a super dope addition regardless. Telepathy and telekenesis is also not overly difficult to make happen on a TV budget. This could also open the door to some Wolverine appearances -- although, I think it would be best to keep Wolverine off the show (outside of a few cameo apperances).

Bobby Drake (Iceman)

Iceman, to me, has one of the coolest mutant powers, at least visually.... Iceman and Beast would be great comic relief for the show as well. And I really think it would be awesome to get back to the beginning of Professor Xavier's "school for gifted youngsters", with Drake appearing as the second member.

Scott Summers (Cyclops)

Like I mentioned before, the sexual intrigue between Cyclops and Phoenix (with Wolverine sprinkled into a few episodes) is undeniably great TV. Also, I don't know about you, but when I think of the X-Men, Cyclops' physical look is what comes to mind. But besides his appearance, he is a leader, with a military background that they could explore through flashbacks on the show. I think the show has to include him.

Hank McCoy (Beast)

Beast contributes to the show as an intellectual, scientific, man of medicine who is also (obviously) a physical beast. He's also really funny and witty. They could explore the politics of mutant rights and integration in the human and mutant community, which would be an interesting storyline to tap into throughout the series.

OR will they go with some more obscure characters? Like...

Quentin Quire (Kid Omega)

He is also political, but in a more radical sense than Beast. Imagine:

Stay tuned to your screens, my mutant brothers and sisters. For those of you out there who dare still doubt the hate and fear the humans harbor for us, it's time you turn on, tune in and pull your head out of your #*[email protected]% ass...and just watch what happens next.

He could clash with Professor Xavier on the show, which would lead to a lot of exciting episodes.

Sooraya Qadir (Dust)

She can turn into dust which is obviously incredibly awesome. Not to mention, there would be a lot of intrigue surrounding her Middle Eastern background.

Forget the CGI and special effects... at first. Whoever runs with this project should focus on getting to a second season, and then a third, and add that stuff later on as the program moves along.

Character development! It's what TV is all about. You have more time than on the big screen to do it... hopefully, they'll use that to their advantage. I'm looking forward to it.



How will the new X-Men TV show on Fox fare?


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