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Aminia Junior Swaggie

It is already known that 2 spin-offs for the Star Wars movies are in production. The name which keeps popping all over the place is the one of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is said to appear in 3 stand-alone films: ”First up, they are not talking about an Obi-Wan spin-off movie but a trilogy of Obi-Wan movies,” their source claims. “I need to stress that these movies are not connected. They aren’t part of a story arc but 3 separate Obi-Wan adventures set between Episodes III and IV.

The best chances, as far as these rumors are concerned, is that one of these films will be set on Tatooine, while the other two will take place in other parts of the galaxy. Also, it appears that Qui-Gon Jinn will be very much present (whether in flashbacks or in another well), as well as other characters from the original trilogy and from the Clone Wars series.

It is also said that flashbacks from the Clone Wars will also be featured


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