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Robert Downey Jr. is awesome. In fact, he's so awesome that I'm sure he could give me some pretty incredible life advice since he's already lived the life of 27 men put together. So with that in mind, I was on Reddit earlier this morning, taking in every answered question, piece of life advice, and quippy remark that he gave in his first-ever AMA.

So here are a few things that we took away from Robert Downey Jr.'s Reddit AMA:

Sherlock 3 is definitely on the way!

Here's what he thinks of his rival Sherlock:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cameo is a possibility...but here's what's holding it up:

He confessed that the first Iron Man was an extension of himself at the time:

He is down to play a part in Doctor Who. Really, for real.

He's always wanted to be asked what kind of pizza he wants to be:

So there you have it! Any of the non-existent doubts I had on my love for him have now continued to remain non-existent. Of course, these were just a few selections from a pretty great celebrity AMA, so I highly suggest checking it out for yourself.

Robert Downey Jr.'s latest movie [The Judge](movie:739892) will be released this Friday, Oct. 10th.


Which RDJ revelation was your favorite?


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