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Oswald Cobblepot VS Fish Mooney; Penguins Rise
By Benjamin Katzman
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The Balloonman episode 3


Do you think Fish Mooney will be in the next season of GOTHAM?

I love the role of Oswald Cobblepot; The Penguin in Gotham. I feel he is one of the most interesting and intriguing villains they have introduced (along with the most apathetic villain too, till he kills again). Knowing he has a vital future in Gotham and owner of the Gotham Casino and his own club one day I think he only has one main line of competition and that is…

Fish Mooney, on the other hand (played by Will Smith’s wife, maybe that’s why Jaden can’t act) is below Falcone in the mob family and owner of her own dirty club. She is a made up character for the show with no history and I feel she has no future in the show past the first season. Saying that, my bold ass prediction is that Cobblepot takes some power and finally takes revenge and kills her to work his way to Falcone.

Cobblepot starts off episode three of GOTHAM by stepping off a bus onto a crowded street. He looks around and sees crime from youth and old, cops on the and prostitution too, he takes a sigh of relief, laughs and says “Home”.

I personally love the scene where Oswald comes back into the streets of Gotham. The crime and the prostitution were just a look of opportunity to him, the youth can be corrupted and the cops will look the other way. I understand they have to play out the dirty cop idea but like saying Penguin’s name over and over, I get it. I love the end of the scene with the chuckle and announcing he’s home.

Later in the episode at Mooney’s club, Montoya and Allen come to talk to Mooney looking for answers about Cobblepots missing case. Mooney plays stupid saying how she knows nothing until Montoya beings accusing. Mooney quickly claims to them that she wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger and sells Jim Gordon out. “What, do you got proof?” Montoya, “What do I look like, a cop? All I heard is that James Gordon splattered poor Oswald’s brains all over Gotham River? But who gave the order?” Mooney, she goes even further and sells out Falcone and as the man who have the order and wanting justice for lil Oswald.

I don’t feel bad for Lazlo at all. What the hell is he doing? I love how Allen actually tries to look like a cop in this scene, I think I like him more than Montoya. Back to the scene, I can’t stand Fish, I don’t know if it’s her over acting or the cartoon approach, but I find it hard to buy scenes with her. The only good scene she had was with Falcone in episode 2. Her selling out is just placing herself where Cobblepot was and he learned from his mistake. In my option this was the scene that places her lower on the chain than Cobblepot, showing she’s just a little bit slower and more naive.

Next in the episode, Cobblepot is playing with a switch blade watching a food cart. He is outted by one of Mooney’s men and trys to pretend to not be himself but cant. The man wants to turn him into Fish for a reward. He drags Cobblepot into a near building as Oswald pleads for his life. The man lets his guard down for a second and Cobblepot takes the opportunity killing the man. And on a feel good note uses the man’s money to buy something from the food cart.

I thought this scene was funny more than anything. I could only think to myself, “damn, he was just hungry”. Anyways it’s a sign he’s sticking up for himself to Fish’s people now. Good for you Penguin, enjoy your “Chicken Sandwich.”

Later in the episde, Cobblepot is in the kitchen of a restaurant asking an Italian man for a job. The man tells him they are staffed up and that he doesn’t even have proper shoes for the job and to leave. Before leaving Cobblepot looks one of the kitchen men up and down and leaves. A couple scenes later Cobblepot is waiting for the man he checked out at night at the bus stop. Cobblepot asks the man his shoe size and laughs at the coincidence. Cobblepot starts in the kitchen the next day I guess and gets the business from this manager. He tries to reassure the manager there is nothing to worry about only to have him walk away to Sal Maroni (David Zayas) who is the obvious owner of the restaurant. Sal Maroni is Falcones and Fish Mooneys largest known competition.

What can I really say about this, first off that restaurant was special to Cobblepot showing that he knew Maroni owned it and it was his opportunity to rise in the opposite power. Second off that whole shoe scene….wtf? I don’t think it was at all necessary and don’t think it was needed. Cobblepot straight up just killing the guy for it yeah, but shoes and boom, the next night it seems he’s working. Like yeah, guy didn’t show up for his next shift, must be dead. F**k it lets hire this guy. Whatever.

The next scene is with Fish, she is talking to Lazlo about what the beating meant and a second later tells a huge looking goon to just get rid of him because he lost his spine and he’s bringing the mood down. She also wanted to send a message Falcone (The Roman Falcone) by having the woman he is seeing have an accident.

A moment later, Maroni was talking to another man about Arkham supposedly changing the town when he saw Cobblepot watching. Cobblepot introduced himself as Paolo and when he was asked if knew anything about some familiar names to him, Cobblepot pretended he didn’t hear anything. Maroni seemed to like him a lot more than Fish ever did. It was also the first time in the episode that the side plot of Balloonman and Cobblepot crossed with Maroni telling Cobblepot you can’t be doing this, killing priest, at least in public.

Okay, more about Fish, I don’t like her but killing Lazlo like that after he took a beating for you, that’s cold. Trying to send a message to Falcone just seems stupid…seems like she wants to start a war. I wonder if the name of the Roman’s girl means anything. Nadia, Natalia. Cobblepots scene however is great! I love the interaction between himself and Maroni. Maroni seems to have taken a solid liking to Cobblepot right away with the mother comment and the sense of loyalty maybe. I have high hopes for him to move up in that company!

The last couple scenes of the episode are Fish and Falcone talking inside of Fish’s bar. He says he is stopping by before dinner to make sure they had no “hard feelings” and everything was alright. She brings up his girl and asks her name which turns out to be Natalia. Falcone goes on to explain she was in an accident and she was mugged. Fish plays it out like she wants to help get revenge kind of and Falcone lays down the law telling her that anyone that helped will pay. Arkham gets brought up and Fish seems confused asking if he had it locked up. He said thanks and walked away. The last scene of course was the great cliffhanger of Oswald Cobblepot showing up at Jim Gordon’s door, “Hello James, old friend”.

First off, I do love Falcone even though they don’t say his name correctly yet and any scene with him and Fish has been good so far, almost as if her bad acting around him is like you acting nervous in front of your own boss. I feel Carmine Falcone going to see Fish was to basically have her say something about Natalia to show him that she was responsible for the action. Maybe it’s a little played out and maybe with him asking about Maroni I could be wrong but I feel Falcone knows more than we all think he does. To the last scene, I love love LOVE Oswald showing up at Jim’s door only because I really have no idea what he wants from it this early on. Maybe they’re rushing it but he could be trying to set up Fish early or maybe he wants his revenge next on Jim or to tell him that he is thankful for giving him a second chance and to learn from his ways. ANYWAYS! I can’t wait to next week and thank you for reading!

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