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So Walking Dead is back on tonight, well tomorrow for us lowly Brits and I honestly have been skeptical... Now dont all rush to your whomping sticks to give me the beasting I deserve. Please hear me out.

While I have never strayed from the WD course I do always find myself in some what of a mixed bag of emotions with this show with the mid season finale always hitting the heights but the actual season finale being somewhat of let down. I mean this show is about the Zombpocalyse but somehow always ends with me having a sort of warm fuzzy feeling. I want down endings I want Empire Strikes Back endings.

I do have hope though because at the end of season 4, it looked to me like they have stripped Rick back to his core "They don't know who there messing with". He needs to maintain this temperment though and not wimp out, It is very reminiscent of Hershel's Farm season finale when he was all like "Its going to be my way or the highway". I liked that but since then he has become a farmer and sort of renounced violence in a shambles of a character arc. The showrunners looked to have the right idea by taking the time to re-introduce us to the cast in the second half of last season but the storys where so boring and nothing really happened that... Well I just didnt care anymore.


Season 5 has got to come out swinging, big deaths, brutal deaths. Bring in some bad ass baddies... A lot of people are calling for Negan to make an apperance, I personally dont think we are there yet, Lets save him for a really rainy day. Instead why not start building some existing characters up to there full potential, Tyrese or Sasha maybe. I cant be the only one sick of Tyreses holding the baby every scene... Who would I like to see go:

  • GLEN (its pretty well established he is to die this season)
  • MAGGIE (without Glen I dont see a future in the show for her)
  • BETH (I am done with Beth)
  • GENERIC ARMY DUDES (I like the main one but the rest can die for me)
  • BABY JUDITH (I have no time to be caring about a baby in this show)

Bring back Shane.....

I know we cant bring back Shane but i want to see Carl evolve into Shane. By this I mean, let the boy become the man he is destined to be. He is one of the few characters who understands in this new world you have to kill or be killed. His moral compass seems to be so far the other way from Rick that I do actually get majorly excited about where his story could go and find myself more interested in him than is bearded farmy father...


More Daryll...

Yes I know its what we all want to see is Daryll have more time and in that last season he was getting that, however he was sharing with Beth who I find to be just utterly annoying. Quick question, Am I the only person who really doesn't care where Beth is right now???. I find myself as I write this wondering if they can bring this show back to its former glory and start hitting the dizzying heights of series 2 which for me was almost perfect. That series had everything from the herd on the road in first episode (when they hid under the cars), then there was Carl being shot and Sophia walking out of the barn mid season finale and the inevitable Shane death.

I'm not saying it has all been down hill from there but it has never been the same since in my opinion. It is about damn time we got back there, but as I have said a few times that closing shot of the last episode with Rick being all Governery well my hopes spiked and I know they will do all of us fans proud. If not there is always Game Of Thrones soon enough.


Oh christ one last thing, I have been playing the TellTale game of The Walking Dead and I would love like hell to see them somehow cross the two platforms over, I dont know how they would do it but the writers of that game have nailed Walking Dead.

This has been Haldon365 and yes I am a picky ranty sumbitch when it comes to my favourite shows... If you would like to hear more of my Walking Dead pre season 5 ranting why not come listen to my Walking DeadCast by clicking HERE

Or alternatively if you like some images to go with what your listening to watch the video below...

Let me know what your looking forward to in this season or what you hated in the last, I am maybe being nit picky but if your going to take the time to re-establish your cast and characters, on a show like the Walking Dead you best do it correct... Know what I'm saying????


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