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Hey gang. If you've kept up with my articles on the 'ol MP, then you probably know two things:

1) I care a lot about Pixar and superheroes.

2) I write a lot about Pixar and superheroes.

Well those worlds collided when I had the awesome chance to visit the premiere of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in Hollywood. There, I was able to talk to the stars of the film and take impromptu selfies with them.

First of all, this was incredible. Mostly because I never take selfies. But it was also fun to talk to the fascinating people who make our movies. That of course includes the actors, but I also had a chance to chat with the makers of the film.

Jon Negroni
Jon Negroni

How did this happen? So here's the short version. I was sitting a desk that was not in Los Angeles when Moviepilot hit me up and asked me, "Hey! Wanna go to Hollywood for the premiere of this Disney movie? You'll get to chat with movie stars and hold a microphone."

Since the obvious answer to that question was "absolutely completely," I found myself on a plane headed for the MP office in Los Angeles wearing my Monday slacks.

I got to meet some of the folks you read from (and about) here on the website and hang out with the people who make Moviepilot happen. Once the dust settled, I teamed up with Aaron Kelly and Josh Weinstock for an adventure to tinsel town.

Our mission? Not just to take selfies. Although, here's one to prove it happened:

That's me with Reese Hartwig, who plays Elliot in the movie. He was also in the recent film, Earth to Echo. We talked a lot about the movie of course, in which he takes a picture of the titular character, Alexander, and photoshops his face on embarrassing placeholders.

Overwhelming fun aside, my crew and I kept the experience serious. We weren't just there to talk to some of Hollywood's favorite rising stars.

Oh yeah, this happened. So there you can see Australian actor Ed Oxenbould, who plays Alexander in the movie. His character happens to be a kid who is obsessed with Australia. I asked him about that and apparently it's just a "big coincidence." I buy it.

One of the highlights of the trip happened to be my surprise interview with Ryan Potter, who is the voice of Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6.

I was too nervous to snag a photo with him, but the important thing is that Potter taught me how to successfully pull off a "hand hug."

We spent the rest of the evening interviewing loads of cool people and seeing the stars come out for the film. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to talk to Steve Carell.

But Jennifer Garner eventually came our way and answered one of our questions. The key takeaway is that I asked Jennifer Garner a question and she was nice enough to respond. She could have easily just walked away, but she didn't. So that was pretty fantastic.

We'll come out with a video highlighting these interviews (and more) pretty soon. You'll see that I was a nervous wreck who was barely able to function from the excitement, but hopefully you'll also catch some of the cool things we got to talk about with these awesome actors and writers.

If you want to check out the actual movie, be sure to read my review and see it for yourself in theaters!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad opens in theaters October 10, 2014.


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