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Hello, future Flash fans! It's pilot day, which is extremely very exciting, even for those of us who may have already seen it. We want our extra three minutes of footage and the trailer of what's to come, and this is already a TV favorite of mine, with early reviews also praising it. A while back, we were told that Wentworth Miller had been cast as Leonard Snart --a.k.a. Captain Cold-- and will first appear in Episode 4 of The Flash, Rogue. (Also featuring Arrow's Felicity Smoak interacting with the Flash team.)

Says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, regarding his character:

“Snart has to figure out how to deal with this new threat in Central City, to his way of life. It’s just all about him evolving, and with that, guns aren’t just going to do it, so he’s gotta have something a little stronger.
In the same way we talk about everybody, it’s the beginning, it’s Leonard Snart’s origins. He’s not the villain we see in the comics yet. We’re going to get there.”

So, essentially we're seeing Cold's origin story, which is great; the character is a fan favorite and I really like him as well. Today, Geoff Johns offered a look at the character in costume, and I have to say, it's pretty cool (no Mr. Freeze Batman and Robin style puns needed, as I'm sure the writers know.

Captain Cold with his (new?) ice guns.
Captain Cold with his (new?) ice guns.
Full costume for Cold- note the fluffy hood!
Full costume for Cold- note the fluffy hood!

The whiny fans are quick to complain about appearance (as if it wasn't already superficial and baseless whining), but I think those guns look excellent, and his signature parka may not be light blue --which will likely evolve as we see the eventual formation of the Rogues on The Flash, and his character makes more appearance-- but it does feature his goggles and signature fluffy white hood, which is down, but visible behind his head in the full body photo.

PLUS, with the release of the season trailer, we now have a look at Cold's guns in action. Couldn't resist editing this in, as they look awesome.


Are you looking forward to seeing Captain Cold and other Rogues on The Flash? Like his costume?


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