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Mark Robirds Jr.

The Fastest Man Alive has made his 21st Century live action debut with the Flash on the CW. The Pilot just got over and first impressions are really good. Not perfect but pretty good, which is a huge improvement over Arrow's pilot which was horrendous. I'm going to have to make this a quick review.

Grant Gustin was really likable and pulled off the personality of Barry Allen greatly. All the actors did a good job except for Panabaker as Snow, I didn't care for the actress or the character in general.

The effects were great, the look and sound of the "speed force" was perfect, it was just how I pictured it.

Fight scenes weren't long but they were satisfying since it was great to see the flash use his super speed.

The story and pacing made me grin more than Arrow did. Arrow's episodes are usual very gloomy and depressing whereas this was pure fun all the way through.

I'd say I liked this pilot as much as Gotham's pilot.

What do you think of the Flash's premiere?


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