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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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So what happens when you get an SNL writer, the Seinfeld format and a Friends Alum together in a 30 minute sitcom? You get a show that’s trying too hard, is miscast and in the end only has a few funny moments.

Mulaney was one of my most anticipated comedies of the fall, the trailer looked funny and the jokes appeared to be there. It seemed to have a good cast of funny comedians attached and I was excited to see a Seinfeld like comedy on TV again. So it saddens me to say that it failed on just about all counts. The concept of the show seemed to be ripped right out of the Seinfeld handbook and delivered none of the pay-off. Take a sitcom and in-between the main story throw in a stand-up comedian saying his jokes. It worked for Seinfeld how hard can it be, it turns our very.


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